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                          Fuzhou smart Automation Technology Co., Ltd.



                          Company profile

                          Fuzhou Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D and design of gear pumps, gas springs and rotary damper sales company.

                          Gear pump manufacturing partners has ten years of production history of the professional enterprise, with advanced production equipment, and the test bench and test equipment, technology and international standards, and by senior engineer served as chief engineer of product quality on the pump reaches European quality, products are mainly used in machine tools and lubrication system etc..

                          Gas spring, a rotary damper partner is also the professional manufacturers, has been focused on the buffering and damping products, can provide the overall motion control solutions for customers, the products are widely used in household appliances, electronic and electrical, industrial manufacturing, furniture decoration, kitchen equipment, public facilities etc.. The company is committed to making the structure movement in the soft, quiet and safety can be realized, the full range of products for customers to ease the impact load, avoid impact damage, prolong the life of machine, reduce noise, improve the quality of goods.

                          The company's sales of products, can completely replace imported high-end brand products, the price has great advantages, welcome inquiry cooperation.

                          In addition, the air spring and rotary damper can be customized according to customer requirements, can also sample processing.


                          Product display


                          News information

                          Copyright? 2017 Fuzhou hard Automation Technology Co., Ltd. All rights reserved min ICP, No. 17005405

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